Every new year marks a new beginning. This year, with the arrival of a new decade, it seems like a chance to start from scratch. We as Gotta Joga are excited to introduce some important new features in our application.

We will begin in the first months of the 2020 by completing the series of programs for Absolute Beginners which currently consists of two courses to which we will add another one last one.

After the success of the Ashtanga Yoga videos with Giuseppe Panarello, we will integrate more and more videos in 4 languages within the app to guarantee our users a natural way to practice. New videos but not only, also new teachers and new styles of yoga will make our app more and more updated and attractive to everyone.

You too can make some changes to your lifestyle and your daily routine by introducing a few small changes in your everyday life. Here are a few suggestions from us to get you off to a great start in 2020.

  • Drink more water! In addition to keeping you hydrated, water helps provide oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout the body and helps organs dispose of waste materials. Use a reusable water bottle and drink water from it throughout the day.
  • Take care of yourself. Allocate time to yourself by doing yoga, or just reading a good book, eating healthy, getting more rest and maybe disconnecting from social media for a few hours in the day.
  • Be proactive in prevention. Do regular health checks to prevent accumulative physical problems.
  • Practice meditation. At least 10 minutes a day with the Gotta Joga meditation program guarantees enormous benefits for physical and mental health.



  • Sit less. Easy to say but there is something you can do even if you work all day in front of the computer. You can use the Gotta Joga Yoga at Work program, with short stretching lessons and try to take a quick walk even just to the coffee machine to stretch your legs.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption. After the joyous of the Christmas season, you should try drinking one glass in the evening instead of two or try not to drink for a few days or weeks. It is no secret that consuming less alcohol is good for our health.

Wishing you a wonderful beginning of a new decade!

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