Kiitos kaikille (melkein 500:lle) jotka vastasitte Gotta Jogan käyttäjäkyselyyn. Niiden kesken jotka olivat jättäneet e-mail osoitteensa kyselyn loppuun, arvoimme 4  vuoden joogatilausta.


Vuoden joogatilausten voittajat ovat:

-Aurelie D. Ranskasta

-E. Miller Saksasta

-Sarah G. U.S.Asta

-Elina K. Suomesta

Onne kaikille voittajille!

Saamiamme kommentteja:

“Please keep the app simple and sincere like it is now. I prefer it to grow slowly, instead of adding a lot of features very fast. I Believe it would lose this warm and accepting “yoga is for everyone” feeling. Thank you for the great quality overall.”

“Thank you for creating the app. If I find time, I really enjoy doing yoga with it – I feel as if I am in a real yoga class.”

“We need Yoga with the Kids!!!”

“The (Gotta Joga) blog is very nice because it covers important issues, as long as there is need for a post. So it is not like other yoga blogs which feature many articles with not interesting content. The yoga tree reminds me my growth every day, so I like it!”

“Pretty design and very practical”

“Very calming.”

“More programs that I like.”

“Develop a personal practice (as opposed to only doing yoga in a class)”

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