In Gottajoga Content is the King.

In GottaJoga we want to let you enjoy yoga. There are only calm and beautifully animated pictures with relaxing vocal instructions to smoothly guide you through the practices. No over complicated instructions , robotic voice , endless interactions or loading progress that makes you scared or bored while training.

All you have to do is open GottaJoga and start your practice.

You can even close your eyes and still follow the training cause the voice guidance by our professional teacher is so comprehensive and pleasant. From years of teaching experience she knows exactly the guidance you need in order to do the poses safely and effectively.

With our unique design solutions and smart data compression you don’t need to be online all the time. The practices are always there ready for you.






We tested the GottaJoga Podcasts for morning session. Testers were using in English, German and Finnish. Here are some of the comments from our user testing:

Judith, 44:
“It is actually really very good”
“it is a great idea.”
“The asanas are really good, quality is good and gives a good feeling afterwards”

Petra, 35:
” The voice is excellent, motivating, calming and inviting”
” Really liked the request to “smile” ”
” I managed to do the headstand for the first time ever by training with GottaJoga”
” 30 minutes is really the right time to train at home”

Johanna, 36:

“After the practice I felt great!”

“The length of the Morning Yoga was perfect! Everybody will find the time to do this practice!”

“It was really nice to listen to the instructions. You get the feeling that you really are in a yoga class.”

“I’m so looking forward to the GottaJoga -evening sequence!”



“The instructions are very good, very instructive!”

“The voice is so beautiful and soothing.”


Leena, 55:

“As a beginner I was happy to be able to practice and try every pose!”

“Good instructions.”

“The rhythm of the practice is very good, peaceful and calming.”


Alexandra, 48:

“The voice is delightful and affects the body, mind and soul.”

“This half an hour practice really gives you inner peace.”


Mia, 39:

“The length is good for a morning practice.”

“The rhythm of the practice is nice and peaceful.”


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