Ayurveda, which in Sanskrit means “science of life”, is a holistic health system originally from India. It includes Ayurvedic nutrition, meditation, breathing exercises called pranayama, herbal medicine and of course yoga.

Ayurvedic nutrition pays particular attention to the different seasons. Autumn is a season charged with Vata energy, which is the energy of wind, movement and transition. Vata can mobilize and unbalance the body’s natural cycles.


In order to maintain our balance and take advantage of this “wind” to improve our health we’ll have a look at Ayurvedic food during the autumn. It will focus on two important needs: Improving the transit through our intestines and strengthening our immune system so that it can protect us from diseases in the cold of the winter.


Here are the Ayurvedic tips to address these two topics and improve our health throughout the fall:

– Enjoy eating fresh fruit abundantly

Figs, apples and pears are three wonderful options because they are rich in fibres that will boost our drainage system as well as “dry out” and regulate excess body heat accumulated during the summer.


–  Reduce your consumption of cold food and drinks to improve digestion and to regulate your body temperature

Start changing your glass of water full of ice cubes to an infusion. It is also time to start eating warm food again. For example, you can replace your cold salad with a nice plate of steamed or sautéed vegetables.

– Use light herbs and spices such as cumin, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon or basil for your food. These herbs and spices will promote your mindbody harmony and will contribute to the transition to the new season.


– Clean your digestive system by starting the day with a cup of hot water with the juice of half a lemon.

Hot water will stimulate the muscular contractions of our digestive system (stomach and intestines) to move food forward towards the exit. Lemon juice, in addition to being a source of vitamin C, is diuretic and facilitates the elimination of toxins.

You can keep this habit afterwards during all the seasons of the year.

– Boost your immune system with the season’s essential ingredients like ginger, garlic, pollen or turmeric.

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– Obviously to promote our digestion, we must stay in movement but for this season, Ayurveda advises us to start practicing sports that guide us towards introspection and connection with the body. For this reason, of course, yoga is an excellent option.

As you have understood, the key word of autumn is transition, so let yourself be gently carried away by all the changes that come with it. Start changing your eating habits, slow down, look for introspection with perhaps also a meditation break. But most importantly, always listen to your body and its messages.


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