douleurs musculaires

A chronic muscle pain may have several reasons: a bad posture (we spend too much time seated), wrong movement, but it may also originate from wrong kind of nutrition.

What kind of connection is there between aching muscles and our way of eating?

-An unbalanced diet will cause the lack of certain nutrients.

The lack of vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc or magnesium may influence, amongst other reasons, the health of our muscles.

Proteins are the macronutrients in charge of building and fixing our muscles. A diet that is lacking proteins will weaken our joints and our muscles will have the tendency to vanish

– A diet based on industrial processed food may cause a chronic infection in our body. Muscle pain may be a symptom of this inflammation.

How to improve chronic muscle pain by your nutrition?

  • Integrate products in your diet that are know for their anti-inflammatory proprieties, such as ginger, curcuma or good unsaturated fats of Omega 3 type (sources of them are salmon, chia seeds, nut oil and rapeseed oil)
Photo: ValeriaJa /Pixabay

Chia seeds Photo: ValeriaJa /Pixabay

  • In order to maintain the proper functionality of the muscles and their contraction, it is essential to have an alkaline diet that favors natural foods and avoids industrial dishes as much as possible.
  • Try to eat foods that are rich in magnesium such as sardines, cocoa, dried fruits, almonds or sunflower seeds. These foods will help relax our muscles and improve the absorption of calcium.
Sardines Photo: greekfood-tamystika /Pixabay

Sardines Photo: greekfood-tamystika /Pixabay

  • Do not forget to eat proteins, either vegetable or animal. It is essential to maintain a balanced diet which includes good quality protein.

Besides of nutrition, in case you suffer of chronic muscular pain, a smooth sports activity, such as yoga, can be recommended. The muscles that are not solicited will atrophy.


Photo: GottaJoga

Photo: GottaJoga



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