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Many of our friends and users have been asking for a yoga practice list within the Gotta Joga app. If you are unsure about which program to start with when first doing your travel or home practice with Gotta Joga, we have made a list of 10 yoga practices that you can use to get started with. Gotta Joga is a Nordic yoga app that helps you creating your own yoga practice. It is perfectly suitable for beginners and ones who have practiced yoga for a short time.

In our 10 day program, you can do the practices in 10 days, keeping pauses during the practices and doing other activities like walking or running to improve your condition.




tree gotta joga yoga app

Tree pose helps you find balance in and out of the yoga mat

Day 1: Half Morning Easy 19 minutes

This class includes five classic yoga poses that are the core of every yoga practice.You are guided in detail and calm tempo from child’s pose to balancing tree and final relaxation in corpse pose. Downward dog and forward bend are perfect stretches to do even as standalone poses any time your body is in need of a vitalisation. Their head down position brings fresh blood to your brain and relaxes the nervous system. I truly like every pose in this short practice and tend to do them every here and there, when I have have a yoga moment or my body feels a bit stiff.



Day 2: Sun Salutation Intermediate 18 minutes

Sun salutation is a combination of 12 different yoga poses that are tied together into a flow in the rhythm of your breath. Learn the Sun Salutation with this yoga practice of 2 rounds. It is a part of most of the upcoming practices and you will repeat it over and over again. After learning the sun salutation, you can keep on doing it (even without the app) whenever you want to warm up your body and mind. Just keep the rhythm with your breath and increase the tempo when you start feeling confident. I often do 3-4 rounds of sun salutation in the morning or after work to awake of my body after being sleeping or seated.

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Short Evening Easy Gotta Joga yoga app

easy pose, reclining big toe pose and viparita karani

Day 3: Relaxing Short Evening Easy 14 minutes

This a short evening practice, that goes well as a meditation kind of exercise to help you fall asleep. It is not physically demanding, but makes you do some stretches  to ease relaxing in the evening. Take a strap to help you in the reclining big toe pose if your hamstrings are too tight to keep your back on the floor. Put the strap behind you calve and pull the leg with your arms.




Twist massage the digestive system

Day 4: Relaxing Short Evening Variation 19 minutes

This is another set of asanas helping you to fall asleep and stretch your body. The stretches might feel like long in the duration, but once you get used to it, the longer you can do them, the better it feels. The secret is to breathe long into the stomach and out (always through the nose). The twists massage the digestive system. Relax your body and mind.



camel pose gotta joga yoga app

Camel pose is a backbend

Day 5: Short Day Intermediate 31 minutes

The day practices are more in the upward position and despite their name can be done really anytime of the day. They have an energizing effect, so I would not recommend them just before going to  bed. This short practice gives you a feeling of the day practices, with 3 rounds of sun salutations warming you up. Camel is a back bend that opens the chest and strengthens the back.




Warrior I and Warrior II

Day 6: Half Day Intermediate 36 minutes

We continue with the dynamic day series. In all of them there  3 rounds of sun salutation warming up your body. In the Half Day Intermediate Practice, you get the feeling of the warrior series with Warrior I, Warrior II and Triangle. The warrior poses are one of my favorites. When doing them I imagine the courage, strength and stability of a warrior and try to align my body using the static force of my muscles.



half headstadn gotta joga yoga app

Half headstand; variate the legs on ground and up in the rhythm of your breath.

Day 7: Full morning Intermediate  35 minutes

This practice is a full version of the morning practice of Gotta Joga combining the basic asanas like child’s pose, tree and sun salutation. If you are familiar with a headstand, feel free to try the advanced version of this practice (Full Morning Advanced 36 Minutes). A bit over half an hour of yoga for a start of a perfect day. (Psst. If you have tried headstand and feel like practicing it, do it first close to a wall to avoid falling over)



eye of the needle gotta joga yoga app iphone

Eye of the Needle yoga pose

Day 8: Relaxing Full Evening Easy 43 minutes

This is the full evening practice with deep long stretches and meditative exercises in the beginning and end for calming down the mind and soul. Some find the Eye of the Needle tricky with the co-ordination of left and right arms and legs. Feel free to watch and try the pose first in the Asana menu to get familiar with it. Use a yoga strap it you are not flexible enough in reclining big toe pose with a strap, head to knee pose right and left.



table pose gotta joga yoga app iphone

Table pose gives a soft stretch for the front body

Day 9: Full Day Variation Intermediate 52 minutes

This program is building on the Half Day Intermediate program from Day 6, adding more postures and length to the program. We are almost in the end of our 10 day challenge. Table pose, which is featured here, gives a soft stretch to the front body. It is a the same time a counter pose for the seated forward bend.



Warrior III requires strength and stability

Day 10: Full Day Advanced 59 minutes

This program is the queen of the yoga practices in Gotta Joga app by it’s length.  It is highly variable from slow mediative poses to dynamic warrior series from Warrior I to Warrior III. The whole warrior series is now in this practice from Warrior I variation, Warrior II, Triangle, Half Moon and Warrrior III. Use a yoga block to give extra arm length in triangle and/or half moon poses. And remember there is a pause button in the Gotta Joga yoga player is you need a break in between the poses  In the end there are recovering poses in twists and stretches.


And nothing stops you from doing a program several times if you like it!

What is your favorite practice?


With love,

Anu and Maija

Gotta Joga team



For beginners, we recommend not try to postures that you do know feel comfortable with or that hurt you. It is always great to go to a yoga studio and have your yoga teacher guide you to do the postures correct.



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