22.3.2014 – World Water Day

When I wake up in the morning, I brush my teeth and rinse with water. I go to the kitchen and make me a cup of hot ginger water and drink it. Then I go to the toilet and afterwards I flush. I also wash my hands with water. In the morning I do my asana-practice. Before I step onto my sticky mat I drink a glass of water. After my asana-practice I usually drink two glasses of water. During the day I drink water, I visit the bathroom, flush and wash the hands. Of course I have to eat something, so I cook and usually need water for that. Twice a week I need to do laundry, so I fill in the washing machine and push the on-button. The machine starts to suck water in. I also have a dishwasher, which I use once a week.  In the evening I take a shower and every other evening I wash my hair. Afterwards I brush my teeth and rinse with water…

Did you know that:

  1. 1,8 milliard people in the world consume only around 20 litres water a day.
  2. In Britain people use 50 litres water a day just to flush the toilet.
  3. People in Manila and Accra pay more for water than people in Helsinki or New York.
  4. One fifth of the people in the developing countries lack fresh water
  5. Half of the people in the developing countries lack sanitation.
  6. 25 percents of world’s freshwater supplies are dangerously contaminated for health.
  7. Every year about 2 million children die of diseases caused by polluted water.
  8. Most of the people in the world have to manage with one third of the amount of sufficient water consumption for a healthy life.
  9. Every person in Finland consumes 155 litres water a day
  10. About 90 percent of world’s catastrophes are related to water


  • How would you manage a day without water? How about two days?
  • What would you have to give up, if you only had 20 litres water a day (compared to an average 80l/day)? For what would you use your water?
  • How could you save water?

I wouldn’t manage a day without water very good, I know that. Two days? Even more difficult. If I only had 20 litres water a day I would probably have to stop taking shovers every evening and invest in a composting toilet. I would use my water for drinking and washing my hands… I’m so grateful to live in a country, in which I just need to open the watertap and water pours out. I’m so grateful to live in a country, where I can drink tap water. I try not to consume too much water. While I brush my teeth I don’t let the water run. I close the tap when I’m shampooing. I try to do landry ecologically, i.e. not too long programs, but short programs with hot water… There is still so much I could and can do to save water. I’m learning. I hope you are, too.


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Text-  © AnuVisuri

Image – © Željko Radojko –

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