Today, April 16th, we celebrate the World Voice Day, voice being “the most beautiful musical instrument of all” as the famous composer Richard Strauss said.

Voice is not only the most beautiful instrument of all, but it is also among the most precious, especially for some professionals, including the yoga teachers Gotta Joga App, who use their voice every day during their yoga classes.

The voice manifests the emotions of the speaker and generates emotions in the listener, and in our small way we carefully choose the voices to conduct the classes to communicate empathy, to maintain high attention, to convey confidence and security and to meet the demands of our users.

This day was born with the idea of protecting the voice and taking care of because of its preciousness and constant use.

We at Gotta Joga want to give our own interpretation to celebrating the World Voice Day by asking you to “voice your wishes” by sending us an e-mail to or by commenting on this blog. Let us know how we can improve our app, which kind of LIVE classes you would like to attend and at what time. Which kind of new classes you would like to be included in the app as per your physical needs, which are your favorite teachers and therefore your favorite voices. Or send us any other wish that can help us improve our yoga service.

Looking forward to hearing your “voice”!


The Gotta Joga Team

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