Maybe your sleep problems are caused by a bad diet?

Have you ever thought about it?
In fact, in most cases sleep problems are associated with stress and poor nutrition: too much sugar, caffeine, poor digestion or deficiency can be the cause of poor sleep.

Before we go to the tips, let’s take a closer look at the sleeping:
The duration and quality of sleep are two important factors for our health and well-being. During the night the body needs energy to digest, cleanse, excrete and regenerate. An important task that takes a lot of time and takes place in several stages.

If we sleep too little, our body has less time to do its job. The overloading of the organism increases with time.
Likewise, heavy, fatty and late evening meals cause the body to spend too much time in the “digestion” phase and less time for cleansing, excretion and regeneration.
A high-sugar diet causes insulin peaks that often cause you to wake up briefly at night and have only a light night’s sleep.

On the other hand, too much caffeine causes the nervous system to become overexcited and you cannot relax.
And what about malnutrition? A lack of magnesium, zinc, omega 3, calcium or vitamin D can also trigger sleep problems, because the body lacks the important tools to do its night work.

The tips:
– Evening meals should be light so as not to strain the digestive system. They should also be nutritious so that the organism can renew the cells.
– For a good night’s sleep, magnesium-rich foods should be preferred: for example algae, coriander, pulses, tomatoes or green vegetables.
– Foods with a lot of tryptophan are ideal because this amino acid promotes the release of serotonin and melatonin. The menu should therefore include quinoa, parsley, dried vegetables, wholemeal rice, wild salmon, almonds, avocados and cashew nuts.

And what if stress is the cause of sleep problems?
In this case, I recommend practicing yoga, such as Gotta Joga’s evening program, which helps with relaxation. Meditation can also be a good alternative.

Even more tips on nutrition as well as information on meditation and online programs at or in the social networks at @couleurbienetre

Adriana Aranzábal
Health coach


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  • Thanks for your important information regarding sleeps and foods that recommended I myself try my best to lose weight but I find it difficult is there any effective way for weight losing let me know if you could help me

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