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What does OM mean? For many beginners it might sound strange in the beginning.
OM or AUM (Sanskrit = Yoga language: ॐ) is considered as a mantra (prayer or vibration of greater energy) and not as a word. It stands as a manifestation of spiritual force. In Sanskrit the alphabet begins wit O and finishes with M. Om comprises all words that man can spell and thus represents the whole universe.Om is also the origin of the universe. OM (ॐ) symbol consists of three letters: A – U – M.  The one which looks like a 3 is in fact A, the arc shaped line is U and the lines above are the M. Each one of these letters correspond to a state: A for waking up, U for dreaming and M for deep sleep.

According to the Hindu Mandukya Upanishad, which is entirely devoted to the explanation of the syllable, “Om is the one eternal syllable of which all that exists is but the development. The past, the present, and the future are all included in this one sound, and all that exists beyond the three forms of time is also implied in it”.

The vibrations that arise during the singing of OM, should align the body, mind and soul and bring them in harmony and peace. It is not obligatory to sing OM in case it feels unpleasant. You can consider om mantra as an adjustment to the yoga practice.

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