Yoga with Children, first published on 7th of January 2021

This program has been created by yoga teacher Vanessa de Haas and her 3 children. Join them for fun and adventurous yoga practices, relaxation as well as Acroyoga. The program is divided into different age groups: 3-5, 6-8, and 9 + years.  Vanessa show us how we adults can connect with our inner child. Yoga is a great way for children and adults to build communication, confidence and strength. If your children are not paying attention, don’t worry, let them have their own experience and express themselves on the mat. Have fun! After all, it’s only yoga.

Classes in the series:

1 “Yoga adventure with small children (3-5 years)”

Join Vanessa and 4-year old Améline on a yoga adventure where they meet different animals and encounter a range of emotions while moving through an imaginary forest. This class is suitable for children from 3 years on. 

2 “Relaxation for children (of all ages)”

Vanessa guides her daughter Améline with words and touch into a short relaxation. Follow her guidance and flow between the sweet pace being wake and sleep. Be careful – you might get so relaxed that you even fall asleep. This class is suitable for parents and kids of any age group.

3 “Acro yoga with kids (3-5y)”

Join Vanessa and Améline for a session of Acroyoga. The class includes a brief warm-up, belly strengthening in boat pose, Acroyoga (airplane, standing high chair) as well as summersaults, as fun for parents as it is for kids. This class is suitable for parents and children from 3 years old.

4 “Yoga class for kids (6-8 y)”

Vanessa and Nora (6 years) guide you through an half hour kids yoga class. Starting with a short warm-up and as well as preparing the hips and back before moving into the flow. We’ll meet animals and elements from nature during this session. Many yoga poses get introduced by their real names, taught in a capturing way for young and older audiences. Yoga, breathing and meditation for school aged children helps them with confidence and focus in challenging situations outside the yoga mat. Learn about the importance of Savasana, the resting pose. This class is suitable for parents and kids of 6 years and older.

5 “Acro Yoga with kids (6-8y)”

Ready for some Acroyoga with Vanessa and Nora? Enjoy this 5 minute session of balancing in the air for parents and kids. Fly in an airplane pose, work your belly in Jedi boxes and hang in a tree like a koala bear. This class is suitable for parents and kids of 6 years and older.

6 “Vinyasa Yoga with kids (9-99 years)”

Kids vinyasa yoga with Vanessa and 9 year old Violette. Get flowing in this  30 minute sequence which includes elements of pranayama, meditation, holding poses and flowing in sun salutations. Vanessa teaches how children can use breathing to calm down their emotions. She teaches children focus and balance in eagle pose (Garudasana). We’ll learn more balance as well as strength with an arm balance (crow pose) and backbend (wheel pose) before stretching together in Paschimottanasana, a forward fold. The practice finishes with a relaxation that includes a little massage.

7 “Acroyoga with kids (9-99 y)”

Warm up the wrists and get into action. First we’ll do some poses on the ground: Stretch the front body with the support of a partner in child’s pose, connect with each other stretching the legs as a pair in Upavista Konasana. Balance  in the air in standing chair pose, airplane pose, double downward facing dog. Jump to handstand from frog jumps. Rest in child’s pose and relax in Savasana.

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