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Home sweet home or Oma Koti Onneni (in Finnish) or Hem ljuva Hem (In Swedish). The Scandinavians love to build their own houses and many of them have a summer cottage by a lake too. When we visit Finland or Sweden to see our families and friends in the summer, the visit often becomes a long tour of homes and summer cottages.

Since the pre-industrial era the Scandinavians have been building our homes by ourselves. The change from pre-industrial to industrial era has not changed that tradition. The countries have a lot of land outside the main cities for relatively inexpensive cost, easily available long-term bank loans, tradition of owning one’s own home and a lot of time spent inside especially during the 9 or so colder months of the year. Today’s families continue building the own nest in an early state of life.

The love for design can be seen inside our homes: simple lines, natural materials, light colours combined with colourful prints. Names like: Louis Poulsen or Artek are the most famous of Scandinavian design, not to forget IKEA that covers the whole globe with the same design philosophy.

The tradition at the summer cottages is that every summer a new building project is waiting: a new pier, a guest house, barbecue corner or a new sauna. Some cool Scandinavian cabans are presented in this Guardian article, by  MyScandinavianHome blogger.

Gotta Joga has been done so that it is easy to practice at home or at the summer-winter cottage. A internet connection is not needed after initial download of the application or one of the yoga packs.

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