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In Ayurveda there is a principle: ‘Like increases like’ or opposites balance. This principle helps us to cherish our individual rhythms and create balance in our lives. According to this principle, we are also nourished by the elements and tendencies that are not of our own metabolic type. An individual who has air as his dominant trait should cultivate stability within himself. A person who is extremely fiery should become calmer with his activities. We should avoid taking in the things that are the same with our own qualities, similar with the qualities that we already have. On the other hand, we should take in things that are different from our own constitutional characteristics.


Below are recommendations to keep your own dosha in balance. When the main dosha is in balance, it draws in properties from other doshas into the balance.

Vata: fast and irregular rhythms to nourish

The balancing principle = stability
– maintain a constant routine of eating and sleeping habits.
– choose only activities that do not cause stress and allow you enough time to finish them
– get enough rest
– eat healthy, fresh, warm, moist and nourishing foods
– avoid bitter, cold, fermented, spoiled and raw foods
– protect you from cold, damp and wet environments
– try to accept warmth, love, healthy rituals and routine


Pitta: to nourish fast and decisive rhythms

The balancing principle = moderation
– wake up with the sun and go to bed at 10:00 pm at the latest
– plan your activities in advance and avoid time pressure
– Separate yourself from stressful activities and only maintain projects that generate lightness
– eat healthy, moderately cool or warm, rich and calming foods
– avoid hot, spicy, oily, salty and fermented foods and the use of stimulants
– protect yourself from hot, humid and stressful environments
– try to accept calmness and balance


Kapha: nourishing slow and methodical rhythms

The balancing principle = stimulation
– practice a stimulating physical activity every day
– open yourself for new and refreshing experiences
– wake up with the sun every day
– eat healthy, light, warm, spicy and stimulating foods
– avoid cold, oily, heavy and excessively sour or salty foods
– protect you from cold, damp and wet environments
– relieve you of all burdens and relieve your heart.

Knowing ones dosha makes life a little bit easier. You understand yourself and your tendencies better. You know how to take care of yourself and keep yourself in balance, physically, mentally and emotionally. Besides, you become more patient with your fellow human beings when you see and understand their doshas. Ayurveda offers plenty of tips for becoming and staying healthy in your everyday life. Today there are also numerous books on the subject and the Internet is full of articles and blogs on this healing holistic knowledge that everyone can discover and benefit from.


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