gotta joga yoga block wood

Le bloc que l’on voit sur cette photo est un bloc en bois gottajoga, mais il existe sous deux autres matières différentes, en mousse et en liège. Le choix à faire va dépendre des préférences et des besoins de chacun.   Ce bloc de yoga a été inventé il y a très longtemps pour soulager… Read More

„Nothing is more certain than the present and that’s why we need to live in the moment“, my grandmother once said to me. This is easier said than done. We all experienced our thoughts dwelling in the past, in a time we now think was “the best time of our lives”. Or our mind wondering… Read More

Our yoga teacher is Anu Visuri. Anu is Finn, living currently in Munich, Germany and previously in Tokyo, Japan. She is a professional yoga teacher who has teacher trainings on Sivanada, child and Anusara yoga. She believes, and we too: Everyone can do Yoga!   You can learn more about Anu and her yoga from… Read More