ENGLISH: Tips for yogis /yoginis -Part 1! Yoga offers something different for all of us. Be patient and listen to your inner intention. Why do you want to practice yoga? Everything you do begins with an intention. This intention keeps you motivated and passionate about your practice. Secondly, keeping a beginner’s mind even though you… Read More

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FeetUp – Apprenez plus facilement à faire le poirier Nous avons testé FeetUp, un accessoire créé par Kilian Trenkle, professeur de yoga et entrepreneur à Allgäu, en Allemagne. Feetup est utilisé dans de nombreux studios de yoga et a été testé par des professionels. C’est un « coup de pouce » bien utile pour apprendre à… Read More

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5 bonnes raisons de faire du running quand on est un yogi (fr)   Les jours se rallongent, la lumière du soleil commence à se réchauffer, et l’appel du running se fait de plus en plus fort. Il est temps de ressortir ses baskets pour aller courir ! Et de découvrir votre ville sous un autre… Read More

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Dear yogis and yoginis Many of our friends and users have been asking for a yoga practice list within the Gotta Joga app. If you are unsure about which program to start with when first doing your travel or home practice with Gotta Joga, we have made a list of 10 yoga practices that you can use to get… Read More

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source picture :http://www.community.decathlon.be Version Française sur la Sangle de yoga : Nous allons maintenant vous parlez d’un autre accessoire de yoga …. La Sangle de yoga ! Le but de cet accessoire rejoint beaucoup les atouts du bloc, en effet il permet le confort, une meilleure aisance dans la réalisation des poses en fournissant la… Read More

Ich heiße Diana Hillebrand, bin freie Autorin und Dozentin für Kreatives Schreiben und wohne mit meiner Familie in München. Ich habe etwas gesucht, mit dem ich meinen Stress kompensieren kann. Ich suchte etwas, dass mir körperlich hilft, weil das viele Sitzen nicht wirklich guttut, vor allem suchte ich aber etwas, was mir innere Ruhe und… Read More

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beautiful tastes better. I love the colours of this dish: brown, orange and green. You can try out these salmon canapés at home. Just remember to pick fresh ingredients. These canapés are great as appetizer while getting started for a dinner or as a small bite in between meals. We in Scandinavia sometimes like to use larger slices of… Read More

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  My name is Kati. I am 43 years and from Espoo, Finland. Yoga is well-being and time for myself. I started four years ago from hatha yoga. The first step was to concentrate to myself, empty the mind and do what the body feels like. Not to do the poses perfectly and in full speed. Three… Read More

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Detox Your Life: How Green Smoothies Make Your Cells Shine   Green, delicious and full of vital substances: That’s the green smoothies – the healthy power drinks from the mixer. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants and therefore the ideal companion for you to start a new phase in your life with… Read More