Nous avons reçu une question d’un utilisateur de Gotta Joga, à propos de la flexion avant assise. Nous partageons la réponse de notre professeure de yoga, Anu Visuri, avec vous. QUESTION : Je suis (encore) très raide, et j’ai beaucoup de mal à me pencher pendant la posture de la flexion avant assise. Je suis… Read More

We received a question from our user regarding the sitting forward bend. We would like to share the response of our yoga teacher Anu Visuri with all of you.   QUESTION: I am (still) very stiff and in the sitting forward bend have trouble in bending forward (if at all). I am already sitting on… Read More

In dieser Position konzentrieren sich die meisten auf das obere Bein und versuchen, es ganz durchzustrecken. Tatsächlich ist das untere Bein viel wichtiger als das gestreckte Bein! Lass uns das untere Bein genauer anschauen.   Du solltest versuchen, das untere Bein auf dem Boden zu lassen, indem Du Dein Schambein vom Bauchnabel wegziehst. Halte den… Read More

In this pose people often concentrate on the top leg and try to straighten it all the way. In fact the bottom leg is much more interesting than the top leg! Let’s take a closer look at that bottom leg.   You should try to keep the bottom leg, i.e. the hamstring, on the floor by… Read More

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Using Blocks and Straps Use props to make your yoga practice easier:  give yourself extra length where your body does not enable you, avoid injuries and keep your posture straight. I always keep two blocks, a strap and a blanket close to my yoga corner so that I can grab them anytime during my practice. Bound hands… Read More