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A l’occasion de la sortie du hors-série du magazine Psychologies sur le yoga, Gotta Joga et Psychologies s’associent afin de vous offrir une expérience du yoga encore plus riche. Au cours de cette collaboration, nous avons le plaisir de vous fournir des articles de Psychologies autour du yoga. Ceux-ci seront accessibles dans l’application à la… Read More

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Why practise yoga in the morning? Gotta Joga’s morning practice gives you the best start for the day. The poses in the sequence provide you with an energy boost, which keeps you going all day long. Most of the poses in this sequence are inversions, like downward facing dog and forward bend. That means that your head is… Read More

Karen, Gotta Joga user from Knoxville, Tennesee USA My name is Karen Armsey and I live in Knoxville, Tennessee USA. I turned 50 this year, and I do yoga because it is making me a better Karen. I know that with the help of Gotta Joga, I feel better in my skin, my bones don’t… Read More

in English, auf deutsch, en français, suomeksi. English: The current version of Gotta Joga app has yoga practices for getting started with your own yoga practice in the morning, day and evening. Now it’s time we start working on some new yoga classes for you! Let us know what you would like and win a Yoga Box. Comment… Read More