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Using Blocks and Straps Use props to make your yoga practice easier:  give yourself extra length where your body does not enable you, avoid injuries and keep your posture straight. I always keep two blocks, a strap and a blanket close to my yoga corner so that I can grab them anytime during my practice. Bound hands… Read More

DEUTSCH :Tips für  Yogis /Yoginis -Teil 1 Yoga bietet etwas anderes für uns alle. Sei geduldig und höre auf Deine innere Einstellung. Warum willst Du Yoga üben? Alles, was wir machen, beginnt mit einer Einstellung. Diese innere Einstellung motiviert Dich und lässt Dich leidenschaftlich praktizieren. Zweitens, halte einen Anfänger-Geist bei Dir, auch wenn Du schon länger Yoga… Read More

  FRANCAIS: Conseils pour les yogis – Numéro 1 Le yoga apporte quelque chose de différent à chacun d’entre nous. Soyez patient. Écoutez votre intention intérieure. Pourquoi voulez-vous pratiquer le yoga ? Tout ce que vous faites commence avec une intention. Cette intention vous permet de rester motivé et passionné dans votre pratique Ensuite, en… Read More

SUOMI: Vinkkejä joogaajille -osa 1 Jooga antaa jokaiselle jotain erilaista. Ole kärsivällinen ja löydä oma päämääräsi. Miksi Sinä haluat joogata? Kaikki, mitä teemme, alkaa aikomuksella. Sisäinen aikomuksesi motivoi Sinua ja ohjaa joogaharjoitustasi intohimoisesti. Toiseksi, muista säilyttää aloittelijan mieli, vaikka olisitkin harjoittanut joogaa jo pidemmän aikaa.Se mahdollistaa että opit lisää itsestäsi ja kasvat tietoisesti ihmisenä. Varusteina… Read More

ENGLISH: Tips for yogis /yoginis -Part 1! Yoga offers something different for all of us. Be patient and listen to your inner intention. Why do you want to practice yoga? Everything you do begins with an intention. This intention keeps you motivated and passionate about your practice. Secondly, keeping a beginner’s mind even though you… Read More

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In collaboration with Liforme Yoga mat (In Zusammenarbeit mit Liforme)   Want to feel steady and comfortable on your yoga mat? We tested Liforme, with its GripForMe material, being the grippiest material currently available for yoga mats. It also has an AlignForMe system, helping you to stay centered and keeping your body and mind in good… Read More

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Why practise yoga in the morning? Gotta Joga’s morning practice gives you the best start for the day. The poses in the sequence provide you with an energy boost, which keeps you going all day long. Most of the poses in this sequence are inversions, like downward facing dog and forward bend. That means that your head is… Read More

Karen, Gotta Joga user from Knoxville, Tennesee USA My name is Karen Armsey and I live in Knoxville, Tennessee USA. I turned 50 this year, and I do yoga because it is making me a better Karen. I know that with the help of Gotta Joga, I feel better in my skin, my bones don’t… Read More

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Dear yogis and yoginis Many of our friends and users have been asking for a yoga practice list within the Gotta Joga app. If you are unsure about which program to start with when first doing your travel or home practice with Gotta Joga, we have made a list of 10 yoga practices that you can use to get… Read More