Quand vous avez 2 enfants, et un chien qui doit sortir à 7 heures du matin, il n’est pas vraiment évident de se créer une routine matinale. Cependant, ces dernières années en tant qu’entrepreneure, j’ai progressivement pris quelques habitudes qui m’aident à me préparer pour ma journée. 1. Bien dormir Se réveiller après une bonne… Read More

Mit zwei kleinen und Kindern und einem Hund, der um sieben Uhr morgens raus muss, ist es gar nicht so einfach, eine Morgen-Routine für einen produktiven und entspannten Tag zu finden. Während der letzten Jahre als Unternehmerin habe ich mir ein paar Dinge angewöhnt, die mir helfen, mich auf den kommenden Tag zu freuen.  … Read More

Kun sinulla on 2 pientä lasta ja koira. jonka täytyy päästä ulos ennen kello 7:ää aamulla, ei ole helppoa luoda aamurituaaleja joilla saisi aloitettua tehokkaan ja rennon päivän. Viimeisten parin vuoden ajan toimiessani yksitysyrittäjänä olen onnistunut omaksumaan muutamia tapoja, jotka auttavat minua keskittymään tulevaan päivään. 1. Hyvä uni Herääminen hyvin nukutun yön jälkeen tekee suuren eron… Read More

When you have a two small children and a dog that needs to go out at 7am, it is not simple to create a morning routine that would start a productive, relaxing day. Over the last few years as an entrepreneur, I have been able to take on some habits that help me to focus on the coming… Read More

la yoga box wishlist

Our friends in Paris have launched a monthly service of Yoga products called La Yoga Box (currently available in France only). You can subscribe to it for €29,99 from their website. We were lucky to get their September box for review! The idea of having yoga goodies every month sounds promising… Here our brief summary… Read More

la yoga box wishlist

La Yoga Box de Septembre 2016 + notre « wish list » : les briques de yoga Gotta Joga et la serviette Manduka equa® Nos amis à Paris ont lancé une box yoga et bien-être : La Yoga Box (disponible en France uniquement). Vous pouvez vous abonner pour 29,99€ par mois depuis leur site web. Nous… Read More

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Ever been in Lapland? Reindeers are a common view on the road anywhere north of the polar circle. They might appear as wild, running around in in big groups. Actually reindeers are domestic animals, even if not very tame, that are all marked on their ear indicating the owner. Twice a year the reindeer are… Read More

tea book candle gotta joga

We love yoga and think reading is great too. Sitting in the corner of a soft couch, keeping warm inside, the light of low raisin sun or an open fireplace, drinking a cup of tea and diving into a good book is something we Scandinavians love to do. No wonder when we have a constant source of… Read More

sonia jumps in finland summer for gotta joga yoga app

Hello there I would like to share you some of our best moments during the holidays in Finland. We were there in July when it was not super hot, yet nice to swim, play and practice yoga outside as well as enjoy the berries and other fresh food from the nature. 1. Strawberries (raspberries, blueberries and cloudberries too) You… Read More