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EATING FOR A STRONGER CORE: 5 TIPS BY A NUTRITION EXPERT Our core is the centre of our body. Strengthening core muscles allows us to work on our balance, the right posture as well as our self-confidence. Belly fat gathering on our waist is due to bad eating habits, bad digestion as well as our sedentary… Read More

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RUOKAVALIO TERVEELLE KESKIVARTALOLLE: 5 VIHJETTÄ RAVINTOASIANTUNTIJALTA Keskivartalo on kehon keskus. Vahvistamalla keskivartalon lihaksia voimme parantaa tasapainoamme, ryhtiämme sekä itse-luottamustamme. Keskivartalolihavuus johtuu huonoista ruokailutottumuksista, huonosta ruoansulatuksesta sekä staattisesta elämäntavasta, jossa istutaan liikaa ja liikutaan liian vähän. Jos sinulle on kertynyt liikaa rasvaa vyötärölle, siitä eroon pääseminen voi olla vaikeaa, mutta ei mahdotonta. Vähentääksesi rasvaa vyötäröltäsi, sinun harrastaa sopivaa… Read More

5 conseils pour lutter contre le « Winter Blues » Est-ce que cela vous paraît familier ? Quand les jours raccourcissent, que la nuit arrive tôt, nous avons envie de nous laisser glisser en mode hibernation comme les ours. Nous sommes plus fatigués, moins motivés, et nous avons plus envie de grignoter – c’est le… Read More

Alle Jahre wieder: der Winterblues und was Du dagegen tun kannst Kennst Du das auch? Wenn die Tage kürzer, grauer und kälter werden, möchte man sich am liebsten in den Winterschlaf verabschieden. Man ist müde, antriebslos, unausgeglichen und isst zu viel Süßes – der Winterblues hat zugeschlagen! Wenn der Körper zu wenig Licht bekommt, wird… Read More

An yearly trouble: Winter blues and tips for dealing with it Familiar with it? When the days get shorter, greyer and colder, it would be the nicest just to fall into hibernation like the bears. You feel tired, powerless, unbalanced and yarn for sweets – the winter blues got you! Your body lacks light (with… Read More

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Our friends in Paris have launched a monthly service of Yoga products called La Yoga Box (currently available in France only). You can subscribe to it for €29,99 from their website. We were lucky to get their September box for review! The idea of having yoga goodies every month sounds promising… Here our brief summary… Read More

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La Yoga Box de Septembre 2016 + notre « wish list » : les briques de yoga Gotta Joga et la serviette Manduka equa® Nos amis à Paris ont lancé une box yoga et bien-être : La Yoga Box (disponible en France uniquement). Vous pouvez vous abonner pour 29,99€ par mois depuis leur site web. Nous… Read More

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Ever been in Lapland? Reindeers are a common view on the road anywhere north of the polar circle. They might appear as wild, running around in in big groups. Actually reindeers are domestic animals, even if not very tame, that are all marked on their ear indicating the owner. Twice a year the reindeer are… Read More

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  Gotta Joga is a Nordic yoga application. We’d love to share with you some secrets of Scandinavian Christmas. Christmas is called joulu in Finnish (jul in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish). In the pre-Christian times the there was a 3 day celebration in December as the days started getting longer again. The word hjul coming  from ancient Viking language meaning sun… Read More