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Nowadays many medical doctors prescribe yoga (physical yoga, i.e. hatha yoga) for their patients. People with chronic pain, disc prolapse, fatigue, depression and so on go to yoga classes or start to practice yoga at home after their physician has advised them to start practicing yoga to heal the body and mind or to recover… Read More

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We received a user question on contracting the perineum: First of all thank you for your very serious and complete application! A friend of mine who practices yoga regularly told me that her teacher told her to contract the perineum in all poses during the yoga practice. Is it actually advisable? Because it is difficult… Read More

“Yoga with Gotta Joga” A break that does you good! Join our Beginner #yogachallenge and win a 1-year subscription and a beginner pack from Join the FREE Beginner Yoga Challenge #gottajogabreak with @gottajoga and Beginner Yoga program is available for FREE in your Gotta Joga app. In 6 steps, you will learn basic… Read More

The wise Patanjali wrote in his book Yogasutra: Stihra sukham asanam. The position should be stable and comfortable … This could also describe our backs! Our spine is an incredible combination of power (stihra) and flexibility (sukham). In Sanskrit, the language of yoga, the spine is called Meru Danda. Translated into English, that means something like… Read More

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Why do we use yoga mats? We have received a question from a Gotta Joga user, about yoga mats. Our yoga teacher Anu Visuri replied. Question “I have some thoughts on yoga mats these days. My old one grew very old at some point and I was thinking of buying a new one to replace… Read More

« Yoga with Gotta Joga » has a new app icon!                   The old icon with G and J letters on green background will be replaced by “Gotta Joga Girl with a bird”. We were looking for a logo that would tell more about yoga and happiness… Read More

Today, when we talk about hatha yoga many of us think of a quite gentle style of physical yoga practice with attention to the alignment of the body on a sticky mat. Often the word ‘hatha’ is translated as ‘moon’ (ha) and ‘sun’ (tha) with the idea of bringing the opposite energies in harmony; in… Read More

Update your application to version 3.7 (iOS) or 1.2 (Android) if you wish to practice prenatal yoga with us! The 3 new meditative, breath centered yoga classes in the Gotta Joga Prenatal Yoga program have been planned by yoga teacher Vanessa de Haas for pregnant women from their 2nd trimester onwards. Prenatal yoga enables moms-to-be to… Read More

Update your application to version 3.7 (iOS) or 1.2 (Android) if you wish to sing 2 new mantras with us! The mantras have been sung to you by yoga teacher Anu Visuri. Durga mantra is a chant to the goddess Durga, a powerful deity who is know as the mother goddess. Hey MahaLakshmi Hey Saraswati… Read More