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EATING FOR A STRONGER CORE: 5 TIPS BY A NUTRITION EXPERT Our core is the centre of our body. Strengthening core muscles allows us to work on our balance, the right posture as well as our self-confidence. Belly fat gathering on our waist is due to bad eating habits, bad digestion as well as our sedentary… Read More

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  Many of us have trouble in reaching the floor when doing a standing forward fold (Uttanasana). With time your hamstrings will get more flexible and your mind will become soother. Question from our user Nina: “During the standing forward bend, what is the most important: to touch the mat with the hands, or to… Read More


Question: “I have a question about a pose:  the Cobra, I thought until now, through my modest practice of yoga here and there, that it had to be done with the arms straight, by lifting the whole back and chest. In your videos, only the chest goes up, and the arms are bent. Which one… Read More

Breathing in yoga is indeed very important. It is the essence of the practice. It is a good thing if you have been observing your breath and researching the breathing in yoga in general. Breathing is very individual. Some of us take naturally long and deep inhales and exhales and some of us breathe faster and… Read More


Thank you for all of you (almost 500) who responded to Gotta Joga user survey. For the ones who finished the survey there was a possibility to leave their e-mail address and win a 1-year subscription for the application. ….. And the winners of the 1-year subscription are: -Aurelie D. from France -E. Miller from… Read More


This week’s question: Dear Gotta Joga, I have a question regarding the stretching of shoulders and arms: When in child’s pose with extended arms, I have pain from the stretching in my armpits and the right and left sides above my shoulders. Even though I am practicing yoga for more than an year now, this tenseness comes… Read More


Are you spending a lot of time sitting? Are you doing sports like running or cycling? These may cause tightness in your hips.  Tight hips again can cause lower back  or knee pain. By updating your Gotta Joga application now to version 3.4.1, you gain access to our new yoga program, “Hip Openers”. We have… Read More