Ayurveda, which in Sanskrit means “science of life”, is a holistic health system originally from India. It includes Ayurvedic nutrition, meditation, breathing exercises called pranayama, herbal medicine and of course yoga. Ayurvedic nutrition pays particular attention to the different seasons. Autumn is a season charged with Vata energy, which is the energy of wind, movement… Read More

  Maybe your sleep problems are caused by a bad diet? Have you ever thought about it? In fact, in most cases sleep problems are associated with stress and poor nutrition: too much sugar, caffeine, poor digestion or deficiency can be the cause of poor sleep. Before we go to the tips, let’s take a… Read More

 Through yoga I have been able to insert a moment of feel good and happiness into my every day life. A while ago I got curious about other habits that could have a positive influence into my life. Originally from Finland, it has struck me how the Nordic countries always rank on top posts in… Read More

Mantras are sonic metaphors, sounds and vibrations that call upon the energy to us, that we are grateful for and often seek for in ourselves and in our lives. Your yoga practice is an offering to something sacred to you and in you. Some of us call that God, some the Universe, and some the… Read More

We received a question from our user regarding Seated Forward Bend (from Gotta Joga Day Yoga Program): I’m asking for your help with the seated forward bend position. I have been practicing yoga for 2½ months now thanks to your application (which by the way is absolutely awesome!) and it does me a lot of… Read More

In summer, we are looking for things that are fresh and light. A salad can be seen as a great option at any meal. However, we must be careful that our salad is complete in nutrients to properly nourish our body and fulfil our appetite in order avoid the cravings we may feel throughout the… Read More

  Wish to see the world from a new perspective? Update your app! In the last version of Gotta Joga, we are introducing the “Inversions” program. The “Inversions” yoga program with 7 new classes and 30 asanas is made for those yogi(ni)s who are already somewhat advanced in their practice. However if you are in… Read More

  For most of us, summer is the most anticipated season of the year. However, summer as a season can be a bit heavy on our bodies. Llow energy level, water retention, sleeping problems, or complicated digestion, related to heat, are common symptoms for the summer season. To maintain a fresh and light feeling, and… Read More

Whenever there is a new yogini or yogi in my class I ask them if they have any injuries, pain or something I as their yoga teacher should know about. More than  half of the time people say that their lower back is hurting in their everyday life. Pain in the lower back is also… Read More