“Yoga with Gotta Joga” A break that does you good!

Join our Beginner #yogachallenge and win a 1-year subscription and a beginner pack from @tayrona.yoga

Join the FREE Beginner Yoga Challenge #gottajogabreak with @gottajoga and @tayrona.yoga

Beginner Yoga program is available for FREE in your Gotta Joga app. In 6 steps, you will learn basic asanas (yoga poses) that lead to a sun salutation and tree pose. Download the app and follow our social media channels from 2.-11. May, 2018  to participate in the challenge.


💥Prizes include:

1-year subscription to “Yoga with Gotta Joga” and Beginner Yoga pack from Tayrona Yoga


💥Here’s how to join:

1. Follow on Instagram

@gottajoga @tayronalife


2. Repost this challenge graphic and help spread the word.


3. Tag three friends to join you in this challenge!!


4. Practice with us every day until May 11th days and share your journey here on IG and be sure to use our challenge hashtag #gottajogabreak and tag all our hosts and sponsors daily.


5. Like and comment on each other’s posts to stay active and present in our community of yogis on IG.


#gottajoga #gottajogabreak 🙏


LInk to Tayrona Yoga yoga shop:

Download “Yoga with Gotta Joga”:

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